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Angle view
Item #: ZG571
Retail: $1,899.99
Price: $999.95
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 1-3 Business Days
Inner Balance Wellness Item #: ZG571 -

Product Details Has the day come where we need a robot in every home, well yes, maybe. But it doesn't have to look like it! This sleek design is sure to please, and blend in with your homes more natural aesthetics. At a very competitive price point, the IB Wellness ZG571 is a great fit for any bidet, offering a wonderful vibration and airbag massage, with the highly sough after comfort of thezero gravity psoiton. Full Zero Gravity Recline:The zg571 fully reclines to 128°, the optimal zero...

Angle view - brown
Item #: MCiJoy 2310
Price: $729.00
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
Human Touch and iJoy Item #: MCiJoy 2310 -

Product Details It’s true – good things do come in small packages. In fact, great things come with the ergonomically designed, smart-form iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage® chair. This amazing iJoy® massage chair’s beauty goes well beyond skin deep, and you don’t need deep pockets to enjoy a fantastic massage whenever you want. In an iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage® chair, you have your own personal masseur at your command, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The amazing iJoy2310 Robotic Massage® chair looks...

Angle view - black
Item #: MCiJoy 2580
Retail: $999.00
Price: $949.95
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 3-5 Business Days
Human Touch and iJoy Item #: MCiJoy 2580 -

Product Details iJoy-2580 robotic massage chair. With our advanced Human Touch Technology™ you will feel as if under tender care of a professional massage therapist. The power recline feature of this iJoy casual massage chair allows you to achieve the most comfortable position with ease. The three built-in 15-minute massage programs let you concentrate on lower, upper, or the entire back. The iJoy-2580 chair’s controller is right under your fingers so at the touch of button you can customize...

Rear view
Item #: MC46463
Retail: $249.99
Price: $199.95
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 7-10 Business Days
Master Massage (MHP) Item #: MC46463 -

Product DetailsThis portable massage chair’s aircraft aluminum frame weighs only 16 lbs. yet holds over 750 lbs.! The sturdy case with an ergonomic shoulder strap makes transporting this chair a breeze. A comfortable layer of MHP's famous Small Cell foam covers all cushioned surfaces and every surface of this amazing chair is adjustable for a perfect fit! This is an extremely comfortable chair that is convenient to carry and set up.Specifications: Aircraft aluminum frame is light, but gives...