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Osaki OS-Pro Omni Massage Chair

Item #: OS-Pro Omni-1

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  • Osaki OS-Pro Omni Massage Chair

    The Osaki OS-Pro Omni Massage Chair is one of the bestselling massage chairs in our collection. This massage chair comes with remote that allows you to select the massage type, intensity, speed and location. The OS-Pro OMNI is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to listen to their favorite music on high quality speaker in the headrest. The massage chair is manufactured with the highest quality lightweight frame to ensure its durability while keeping the weight as light as possible. In order to soften the edges of this massage chair, the frames are power coated with the highest quality charcoals. This 216.1 lbs chair has capacity to withstand weight up to 220 lbs. Available at the most competitive prices, this massage chair can be shipped in 5-7 business days.

    • L-Track Massage
    • Remote & Auto Massage Program
    • Adjustable Footrest
    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • Air Massage Area
    • Space Saving Design
    • Foot Roller Massage
    • 2 Stage Zero Gravity
    • Backrest Scanning

    L-Track Massage

    As the roller system massages the neck area,
    it continues through to the lower back and then proceeds to massage
    the glutes and upper hamstrings.

    Backrest Scanning

    When activating the chair, it will initiate an auto body scan measuring
    the key areas of the back including the height of the user.
    This allows for the chair to deliver a highly effective massage
    with consistent pressure throughout the course of the pre-set program.
    Before the body scan starts it is recommended
    that you comfortably position yourself where your back is completely pressed
    against the backrest for an accurate reading.

    2 Stage Zero Gravity

    Inspired by NASA technology,
    the Zero Gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage,
    aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort.
    When reclined into the zero gravity position,
    the complete weight of your back is virtually supported by the backrest
    which maximizes the intensity of the massage.
    There are 2 stages of zero gravity.



    Foot Roller Massage

    Located on the bottom of the footrest is a spinning reflexology massager
    which provide a soothing kneading style massage.
    As well when the rollers spin it will stimulate acupuncture points and as the air bags inflate


    it will generate a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet.

    Space Saving Design

    Osaki’s innovative design team has engineered a space saving technology


    that slides the chair forward as the chair reclines.

    Air Massage Area


    OS-Pro OMNI comes equipped with the next generation of air massage technology,
    streamlining the air massager to a lower count.
    Through innovative engineering, we have reduced the total number of air bags
    but have increased the volume and surface area of the massage.
    By doing so the total number of working valves has drastically reduced.
    This ultimately puts less stress on the chair,
    making it one of the most mechanically sound massage chairs in the market.

    Heating Therapy
    In the lumbar areas there are heating pads.
    The heat therapy is a great compliment to the back massage helping to relax the muscles.
    Heating the body’s temperature is known to increase blood circulation
    and loosen tense muscles.


    Bluetooth Speaker

    The OS-Pro OMNI is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to listen to their favorite music on high quality speaker in the headrest.

    Adjustable Footrest

    Remote & Auto Massage Program

    The OS-Pro OMNI remote is an easy view screen
    displaying the functions the chair has activated.
    On the remote it allows you to select the massage type, intensity, speed and location.


    You can also operate the functions independently in MANUAL mode.



  • 3 Year Rock Solid Warranty / Parts & Labor Warranty

    This NON-TRANSFERRABLE Warranty is provided by Titan MassageChair,Inc.
    We guarantees that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defects during the first THREE (3) years of ownership, excluding specific limitations contained herein.
    Massage Chair 3years Warranty - chair-world.com

    What Is Covered*:

    • This warranty explicitly covers all parts, labor and framework of the chair.
    • This warranty includes parts costs and labor for the first year at no cost to the customer.
    • This warranty includes parts costs covered for the second year at no cost to the customer.
    • Structural Framework on selected products carries an additional one (1) year of warranty for a total of three (3) years.
    • The additional extended warranties includes parts and labor costs covered at no cost to the customer.

    What Is NOT Covered*:

    • This warranty does not include any shipping expenses incurred.
    • This warranty does not include normal wear and tear including velcro or zipper malfunction, or tears in any fabric covering by abuse.
    • The warranty shall not apply if the product has been damaged physically, whether intentionally or due accident or neglect: including stains, fluids, mold, water damage, animal damage, cuts, burns or is otherwise unsanitary, damaged or soiled.

    Implied Warranty & Other Damages:

    • Any implied warranties shall be limited to the duration of the 1 year portion of this limited warranty, and with regard to structural framework, limited to the duration of the 3 year portion of this limited warranty.
    • By making a purchase, you agree that Titan MassageChair,Inc. will not be liable for any items damaged and/or lost while en route to the specified address. Any claims for such loss or damage must be addressed and resolved with the designated carrier.
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